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St Agatha’s Parish

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St Laurence O’Toole Parish

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26th November 2023. The Feast of CHRIST THE KING

Christ is King of the Universe and today we focus on His Authority. He is the visible image of the invisible God, who created and controls the sun, moon, stars, seasons and climate. Many deny this, but it will become very evident, when the world ends and He summons and assembles all the Nations, including all the peoples of the world to judgement, as He sits on His Throne of Glory. Climate change is His way of alerting the world to His presence in the universe and offering us a sacred opportunity to change our sinful ways before its too late. The focus should not be on climate but on our hearts. He is in full control of the universe and its climate. The Kingdom of Heaven has been prepared for us since the foundation of the world (Matt 25:31-46). It re-establishes itself in our bodies – in every baptism. Our souls are activated with the gift of heavenly faith, by the presence of the Triune God. Our bodies become holy living temples, for the purpose of giving worship and making sacrifices to God, on the altars of our contrite hearts. Christ desires to live and reign in this new bodily kingdom, which is an extension of the heavenly Kingdom. We must behave accordingly, as children of God, if we wish to become eternal citizens of Heaven. We are chosen by faith and given a vocation to represent and defend the divine Laws and Truths of the Kingdom here and now. We must understand that we do not belong to ourselves, but belong to God (Cor 15:23). We are members of the heavenly Church Family, which should have stronger ties than flesh and blood, and be bound in obedience to the Divine Will of God, and love of one another.
KINGDOM IS MADE OF TWO WORDS: KING & DOM. The Latin word Dom means ‘Lord and Master’. When we pray, ‘thy King-dom come’ (Matt 6:10), we are asking the heavenly, ‘Christ the King’, to ‘come’ and be ‘Lord and Master’, of my body. The Kingdom is not a geographical country with borders and boundaries. It is a living organism made-up of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, in the image of Christ (Lk 17:20-21). It should exist in every home where parents and children love each other. It should exist in every parish and country that reaches out to the poor and the needy. It happens when we live-out our faith and place God first in our lives, through a holy life of prayer, and attending Sunday Mass. It exists when we forgive each other and provide for the hungry and thirsty. When we visit the sick, or shelter a homeless person, or care for them in a loving way, by putting others before ourselves (Lk 10:25-37). Christ can be treated like a prisoner, in solidarity confinement, held captive in the Tabernacle, if we don’t go to visit Him or the Priest ignores to bring Him out for Adoration time. The Kingdom is a condition of life and the symptoms are to live by the Gospel of Truth, Holiness, Justice, Grace, Love and Peace. Wherever Jesus is present, there is the Kingdom.
NEVER SURRENDER TO THE DEVIL. The Kingdom of God cannot co-exist with the kingdom of sin, just as light has nothing in common with darkness. We must be always conscious that at the end of our earthly life, the Son of Man will come in His glory, to Judge us. Those who embraced God as their Father, by striving to live a virtuous life and repenting for their sins, will be found worthy to enter eternal life. Those who embraced Satan as their father, by living an un-repented lifestyle of sin, will sadly be shown the door to eternal punishment (Matt 25:46). The souls of the damned unfortunately made this choice themselves and not Jesus. It’s never too late to repent in confessions. God bless, Fr. Brendan.