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15th July 2023. Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time. SEED IS THE WORD OF GOD THAT JESUS SOWS IN THE FIELDS OF OUR HEARTS

In today’s Gospel (Matt 13:1-23), Jesus uses a parable, in order to explain His message. He wants us to use and cultivate the divine knowledge and wisdom He gifted us in the Sacrament of Confirmation. He expects us to listen and obey His Commandments. Many people choose not to listen or obey, because they allow the devil to distract them with worldly things. Jesus says; Listen anyone who has ears (Matt 13:43). Faith is the most important seed planted in our hearts at baptism, but unfortunately, many choose not to allow it grow in their hearts. None of us can get into eternal life without heavenly faith to guide us.
JESUS IS MAKING US AWARE that the devil is very active in the world and has targeted us all with his temptation to live without practicing faith. We are to see the world through the eyes of faith, in order to allow Jesus heal us through conversion. The Words coming from the mouth of God, should not fall on deaf ears, but should be acted upon and bear the fruits of the Spirit of love and mercy. If we obey His Word then it will not return to Him empty. If we ignore His Divine Will then we become empty vessels. The rain comes down from the Heavens for the purpose of watering the earth (Isaiah 55:10-11). It fulfils God’s purpose, to produce fruits to benefit humanity. Our existence on earth has a similar purpose, in that, it is to fulfil God’s call, for us to increase our spirituality and be rooted in Christ. St. Paul (Rom 8:18-23) reminds us that our efforts to live like Christ will be rewarded in the next life. Our souls are groaning to be free of this world, in order, to live for all eternity in Heaven. This parable represents the present and future state of the Members of the Church. It also shows the devil as our enemy.
CHRIST TEACHES US IN THE PARABLE that the seeds represent the Word of God and the ground represents the hearts of all mankind. If we want to be a fertile soil, then we have to make room for the Word of God in our daily lives. If we don’t want to be that fertile soil, then we live with hearts of stone, rejecting God and allowing the evil one rule our lives. A hardened heart cannot enter Heaven, because it refused to allow the good and holy seed to take root, preferring the evil seed of sin, to grow in the heart. This produces the rotten fruits of pride, anger, selfishness, greed, lust and laziness. A lukewarm heart is neither hot nor cold and produces nothing. Jesus wants our hearts to be set on fire with His love and mercy and to spread it on to others! God bless, Fr. Brendan.