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Wedding Day Essentials



Wedding Day Essentials …

St Agatha’s Church will make every effort to make your day memorable and special. Therefore we would be grateful if you could be mindful of the guidelines below to ensure we can help and support all our couples on their Wedding Day.

Brides and Bridegrooms be on time.

Every couple having their wedding at St Agatha’s Church are allocated two hours for their celebration and it is important to keep within the time allocation.

No Confetti, Rice or Flowers Petals can be used either in the Church or within the Church grounds.

With over 100 weddings a year in our church we would like you to have consideration for the next wedding couple. As a result it is important that the church, the grounds and surrounding areas are kept clean and tidy.


Your photographer will be expected to be professional and show the respect and decorum that is appropriate to the Sacredness of the occasion and place. Arc lamps for video recordings are not permitted.


It is customary to make an offering to the Priest on the day of your Wedding, as well as an honorarium to the Sacristan and the Altar servers.

  1. Suggested offering to the church €250
  2. Suggested offering to the Sacristan €50
  3. Suggested offering to Altar Server if required €10. Please let the Parish Secretary know if you require a Server.
  4. Offerings to Sacristan and Altar Servers are made on the day of the wedding by the Best Man. These Offerings do not include any offering you may wish to make to the priest officiating.


Financial arrangements with Musicians, Photographs etc. are not included in this.